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Lot NumberArea (m2)Frontage (m)PriceBackgroundOffsetCategoryFrontatgeData
Lot 16078926$182,800-252px -82pxlgStageID-1026
Lot 16171723.97$175,800-328px -80pxlgStageID-1023.97
Lot 16270322.55$178,800-411px -73pxlgStageID-1022.55
Lot 16371021.92Under Offer-489px -63pxlgStageID-1021.92
Lot 16473522.45Under Offer-572px -50pxlgStageID-1022.45
Lot 16574022.14$178,800-658px -45pxlgStageID-1022.14
Lot 19268418.16$181,800-30px -272pxlgStageID-1018.16
Lot 19363520.7$184,800-78px -213pxlgStageID-1020.7
Lot 19497617$192,800-134px -288pxlgStageID-1017
Lot 19669417.76Under Offer-301px -279pxlgStageID-1017.76
Lot 20073922.03Under Offer-607px -225pxlgStageID-1022.03


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