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Search for land in Kingston Estate.

Lot NumberArea (m2)Frontage (m)PriceBackgroundOffsetCategoryFrontatgeData
Lot 13069324.18Under Offer-348px -36pxlgStageID-1124.18
Lot 13271219.1+8.5+26.45 Under Offer-197px -136pxlgStageID-1119.1+8.5+26.45
Lot 13372218.29+11.08+6.5Under Offer-326px -177pxlgStageID-1118.29+11.08+6.5
Lot 13670416.11Under Offer-597px -155pxlgStageID-1116.11
Lot 13870611.87+9.82Under Offer-770px -159pxlgStageID-1111.87+9.82
Lot 14964321.75Under Offer-696px -350pxlgStageID-1121.75
Lot 1547382.95+14.2$179,800-287px -373pxlgStageID-112.95+14.2


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