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Lot NumberArea (m2)Frontage (m)PriceBackgroundOffsetCategoryFrontatgeData
Lot 70579922.2Under Offer-348px -856pxlgStageID-1222.2
Lot 70681022.35Under Offer-412px -789pxlgStageID-1222.35
Lot 70781122.5Under Offer-476px -720pxlgStageID-1222.5
Lot 71374518.87Under Offer-390px -504pxlgStageID-1218.87
Lot 71572020Under Offer-282px -627pxlgStageID-1220
Lot 71675621Under Offer-224px -689pxlgStageID-1221
Lot 71772020Under Offer-164px -750pxlgStageID-1220
Lot 72866120Under Offer-319px -367pxlgStageID-1220
Lot 72968121.57On Hold-375px -315pxlgStageID-1221.57
Lot 73075823.5Under Offer-493px -315pxlgStageID-1223.5
Lot 73167925.4Under Offer-451px -239pxlgStageID-1225.4
Lot 73367420Under Offer-276px -116pxlgStageID-1220
Lot 73473834.12Under Offer-210px -218pxlgStageID-1234.12


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